Homesick And Happy To Be Here
ABERDEEN - "Homesick And Happy To Be Here"
Full-length debut from former Sarah Records mainstays Aberdeen. Featuring Beth Arzy (from Trembling Blue Stars). Produced and recorded with Ex-Mighty Lemon Drop David Newton and David Klotz of Fonda (Hidden Agenda / Parasol).

The Boy Has Gone Away
ABERDEEN - "The Boy Has Gone Away"
Released in 2004, "The Boy As Gone Away" single from Aberdeen features two new original songs and a cover of The Field Mice classic "Emma's House".  A charming little EP likened to The Smiths with a girl singing, The Sundays with some depth, and Belle & Sebastian with a fuzz box.  Limited edition digipack...includes a FREE aberdeen button!
TRM003 CD single SOLD OUT!

ABERDEEN - "Florida"
The new aberdeen CD single for 2005!  3 gorgeous new songs from john, brian, johnny and beth aberdeen (beth also is a member of Trembling Blue Stars).  Lush keyboards and co-production by Ian Catt (Field Mice, St. Etienne, etc).  Packaged in beautiful digipack; each order comes with a FREE aberdeen button!
TRM004 CD single SOLD OUT!

BOILERMAKER - "Leucadia"
This 17 song release celebrates the now defunct, Boilermaker.  Featuring 5 songs hand-picked from each of their 3 out-of-print full-length releases plus 2 new songs never before released.

8 Teeth To Eat You - split CD
CURSIVE / EASTERN YOUTH - "8 Teeth To Eat You - split CD"
East Meets Midwest on this very special split CD. 4 exclusive songs from Omaha's CURSIVE plus 4 new songs from Toyko's EASTERN YOUTH. Frenetic intensity and potent melodies throughout!

GOLDRUSH - "Ozona"

The U.S. debut of Oxford, England's GOLDRUSH.  11 tracks produced by Rob Campanella (Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Tyde) and Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev)

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The Heart Is The Place
GOLDRUSH - "The Heart Is The Place"
This is the follow-up to Goldrush's U.S. debut "Ozona" (2005).  Hailing from Oxford, England, these five musicians from the Oxfordshire countryside can best be described as Flaming Lips meets Grandaddy and Wilco.  For this new album the band worked with James Rutledge (DJ Pedro on Mush Records) who encouraged the band to be more sonically adventurous, whilst simultaneously helping them re-discover their supreme song writing ability.

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There Are No New Clouds
IDES OF SPACE - "There Are No New Clouds"
"For a band that plays with the lush, dreamy precision of Ides of Space, it comes as something of a surprise to learn that beneath their gossamer surface there lurks a snarling rock beast...sort of..." - Rave Magazine
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Sleeping Fractures (Expanded Edition)
IDES OF SPACE - "Sleeping Fractures (Expanded Edition)"
The long lost Ides Of Space album from 2004.  Digital version expanded with two songs from a hard to find 7" and one never before heard recording.  Buy the original 10 song CD physical copy in our mailorder and receive the bonus tracks as MP3s!

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Last Christmas  b/w  Firestarter
JIMMY EAT WORLD - "Last Christmas b/w Firestarter"
Jimmy Eat World covers WHAM!'s Christmas classic "Last Christmas" and then delivers a mind-blowing cover of Prodigy's "Firestarter".  Limited edition green marble vinyl!!
BLR016 7-inch SOLD OUT!

Ritual Of Hearts
MAQUILADORA - "Ritual Of Hearts"
Imagine the dark Oedipus of "The End," the dappled beaches of Mazzy Star, the spangly stars of Jesus and Mary Chain and the neu-gospel of Black Heart Procession all rolled up into a serenity spliff.
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Meho Plaza
MEHO PLAZA - "Meho Plaza"
With hypnotic, angular guitar riffs competing against fuzzy, warm casios, their first self-titled full-length album is often simultaneously reminiscent of Brainiac and early Sonic Youth. 

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MEHO PLAZA - "Remix"

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Music For Places
Featuring members of Melochrome, Lambchop, The Coctails & L'altra, Music For Places is an extremely laid-back collection of breezy songwriting where a foundation of guitars, basses, and drums are embellished with strings, vibes, horns, warm keys, and the occasional sonic manipulation. 

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Riot For Romance!
NO KNIFE - "Riot For Romance!"
The latest from veteran San Diego post-punk rockers NO KNIFE. A solid and sonically satisfying blast of tight and vigorous rock action that hints of influences by The Clash, Wire and Gang of Four. Urgent, sharp and melodic.
BLR015 CD Add to Cart

Reichenbach Falls
RAVENS & CHIMES - "Reichenbach Falls"
This amazing debut from Brooklyn's RAVENS & CHIMES exhibits an indie folk pop personality with aromas of Wolf Parade, Voxtrot or Bright Eyes.   An explosive well-balanced richness and texture unfolds track by track, powerfully, yet gently.  Hints of Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan linger through the finish.  Perfectly complements any meal.

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Holiday Life
RAVENS & CHIMES - "Holiday Life"
The second full-length from Ravens & Chimes is full of indie-folk songs inspired by cities that never sleep and the people that inhabit them; songs for late nights gone awry and early mornings spent picking at warm bowls of regret.

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I Blame the Scenery
REUBENS ACCOMPLICE - "I Blame the Scenery"
These four boys from Arizona mix a sort of desert twang with their indie rock anthems of love and suburban sprawl.
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Only Trying To Help
RYAN FERGUSON - "Only Trying To Help"
Ryan Ferguson's (ex-No Knife) debut full-length crafts unique sounds and huge hooks complemented by swirling six-strings and double tracked harmonies, all fused with his signature bombastic electric guitar. The effect is breathtaking as he wrings every last bit of melody out of each song.
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Hide Here Forever
STRICTLY BALLROOM - "Hide Here Forever"
These are the last copies of the 1997 full-length from this Los Angeles post-rock group who's members included Jimmy T (now DNTEL, Postal Service, Figurine), Chris Gunst (Beachwood Sparks). Ian MacKinnon, Jimmy Hay and Paul Larson (Athalia).  "The band's sound was described as "Enocore" by the press and fans at the time, due to their Brian Eno like soundscaping merged with the sounds of hardcore." - All Music Guide

Sons of the Second String
SUNDAY'S BEST - "Sons of the Second String"
Three classic songs from this now defunct group (two songs exclusive to this release). Catchy tunes ala Archers Of Loaf or Superchunk.  This was Pedro Benito's band prior to The Jealous Sound.  Also Ed and Ian now play in the amazing Little Ones.  This 7" is the first thing Paul (Better Looking Records) released as he got his feet wet doing an indie label...
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The Album Leaf / Bright Eyes 7-inch collaboration
THE ALBUM LEAF - "The Album Leaf / Bright Eyes 7-inch collaboration"

BLR0SS 7-inch series SOLD OUT!

Seal Beach EP + Bonus Tracks
THE ALBUM LEAF - "Seal Beach EP + Bonus Tracks"

Originally released in Spain in 2003, The Album Leaf's "Seal Beach" EP features 5 exclusive songs plus 5 bonus live tracks from The Album Leaf's tour with Sigur Ros. The Album Leaf "Seal Beach" EP on Better Looking Records is a 10-song digipack release with original artwork by painter/designer Rich Sanderson.


Will Self-Destruct
THE AND/ORS - "Will Self-Destruct"
Featuring Danny from Interstate 10 & Araby of Jejune.  Indie rock anthems in the vein of The Replacements & Dinosaur Jr.
BLR006 CD/LP Add to Cart

The Human Body EP
FREE ESP STICKERS w/ ORDER! - The brothers White return to sparkling form with the release of a new 7 track EP. "The Human Body" EP finds the band at a perfect middle-point between the guitar-pop rush of their first album and the studied, symphonic arrangements of their second. With more than enough ideas for a 3rd full-length LP, this is a taster of great things to come from Brighton's favourite psychedelic sons!!
BLR024 CDep Add to Cart

No Need To Be Downhearted
THE ELECTRIC SOFT PARADE - "No Need To Be Downhearted"
FREE ESP STICKERS WITH EVERY ORDER!  "Full of regret, hard-won wisdom and DIY pop artistry, No Need To Be Downhearted transcends bog-standard indie to build a world of sophisticated melody and ingenious arrangements..." -  Mojo Magazine (4 out of 5 stars)
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A Lull In Traffic
THE GLORIA RECORD - "A Lull In Traffic"
The critically acclaimed "A Lull In Traffic" ep available here on Limited Edition colored vinyl.  1st pressing = white marble vinyl.  2nd pressing = clear red vinyl!

Novena on a Nocturn
THE GOOD LIFE - "Novena on a Nocturn"
Tim Kasher (of Cursive) paints pictures of heartache and renewal... as the instrumentation creates an acoustic, textured landscape. For fans of Mark Eitzel, Bright Eyes or the Cure.
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The debut 5 song EP featuring Blair Shehan of KNAPSACK fame. Intense guitar work, a powerful rhythm section and heart-wrenching vocals...already a classic. Only 1 song ("Anxious Arms") re-recorded for the full-length.

Kill Them With Kindness
THE JEALOUS SOUND - "Kill Them With Kindness"
The 12 songs on "Kill Them With Kindness" showcases The Jealous Sound's accomplished talents and varied influences. The nuances of the record sweep across clever electronic flourishes, heart-rending ballads, compelling rock and deft wordplay.

Kill Them With Kindess + EP (2xLP - BABY BLUE VINYL)
THE JEALOUS SOUND - "Kill Them With Kindess + EP (2xLP - BABY BLUE VINYL) "
BLR teams up with Vinyl Collective for this 2xLP gatefold limited edition vinyl pressing of The Jealous Sound's classic "Kill Them With Kindness" plus their first EP.  Only 333 have been pressed on Baby Blue vinyl!


Kill Them With Kindess + EP (2xLP - CLOUD WHITE VINYL)
THE JEALOUS SOUND - "Kill Them With Kindess + EP (2xLP - CLOUD WHITE VINYL) "
BLR teams up with Vinyl Collective for this 2xLP gatefold limited edition vinyl pressing of The Jealous Sound's classic "Kill Them With Kindness" plus their first EP.  Only 667 have been pressed on Cloud White vinyl!

Season to Season
THE TRADITIONIST - "Season to Season"
Written as almost a chronological window into the mind of Joey Barro, this aptly titled record was created over a period of greater than a year with the collaboration of long time friend, touring companion, and now producer Tim Bluhm (Mother Hips). This unique approach was by no means an accident, as Barro prefers to keep his diary in the form of his songs, keeping fresh records of exactly where he is at each point in his life. Originally meant to be the next record from The Antiques, Barro's long time band, this departure that was realized through open experimentation became an entirely new project, and thus The Traditionist was born.

614346045399 Digital Add to Cart
On Sale
I Dream Of Black
THOMAS WHITE - "I Dream Of Black"
DIGITAL ONLY RELEASE!  BUY IT ON iTUNES!  Amid ambient electro-acoustica and playful surf ‘wig-outs', the single The Runaround sees Thomas "channeling Courtney Taylor-Taylor circa 1998", while the albums' "only love song" Starry Nite #2 conjures up The Beach Boys at their beatific best. Starry Nite #3 splices Robert Wyatt's early seventies recordings with the dusty beats of Money Mark, and closer Wartime Love/Solar Collapse imagines the sound of a solar implosion as heard from earth.

Digital Add to Cart

Lion Destroyed The Whole World
TRACK STAR - "Lion Destroyed The Whole World"
"This dynamic trio lull you with their acoustic whispers before lancing your soul with frightening sonic holocausts of guitar and voice." Indie rock never tasted so good.
BLR011 CD Add to Cart

En Nuestro Desafio
TRISTEZA - "En Nuestro Desafio"
Following the critical success of Tristeza's third full-length "A Colores", the group gathered in San Diego and Tijuana to put together this audio/visual release of new and exclusive songs.  The nine brand new audio tracks on the CD finds Tristeza in an ambient haze rolling along dubbed out bass-lines and abstract compositions.  The DVD contains a 30 minute handmade tour film exploring Tristeza's psychedelic vision based on lonely hours traveling across the U.S., Japan and Mexico.  The DVD also contains a bonus video for "Stumble On Air" from the 'A Colores' full-length.
BLR025 CD+DVD Add to Cart

Spine & Sensory (Expanded and Remastered)
TRISTEZA - "Spine & Sensory (Expanded and Remastered)"
Reissue of Tristeza's 1999, long out of print and now classic full-length "Spine And Sensory".  The album has been re-mastered and expanded with 3 hard-to-find tracks.  "...a soaring, hypnotic and dreamy journey beyond traditional rock territory..." - Epitonic
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Bromas (Single)
TRISTEZA - "Bromas (Single)"
The first single from Tristeza's "A Colores" full-length.  Driving, atmospheric grooves updating Tristeza's classic post-rock instrumental sound.
BLR023 CD maxi Add to Cart

A Colores
TRISTEZA - "A Colores"
Tristeza's 3rd formal full-length album.  A colorful journey beyond instrumental post-rock, delving into the darker realms of modern psychedelia.
BLR022 CD digipack Add to Cart

DIGITAL ONLY RELEASE - Tristeza's new album, Fate Unfolds, continues widening their cycles, past but not post, past a simple generational genre, part and parcel with music from around the world, from their homes and homelands in Tijuana, B.C., Oakland, CA or Michigan, from Afro funk and jazz, Spanish flamenco, tropicalia, Indian raga, to krautrock, and psyche to punk...employing just the right slippery textures of analog synth to pull out the spidery dark krautfunk of the bass and drums could've been recorded at Can's Inner Space Studios circa '71.
BLR032 Digital Add to Cart

TRISTEZA - "Paisajes"
Paisajes is an album of sound, color and textures brought to height by 13 years of perseverance & creative inventiveness, eliciting admirers along a quest to hone their creation of sound and feeling. Sounds turn and congeal like a vintage kaleidoscope, morphing shapes & sounds from a nostalgic culmination of yesteryears and their own prospective harmony. Each twist loosens patterns of trancelike interlacing guitars akin to Spacemen 3, Felt or late period Talk Talk & early Durutti Column. Bass and rhythmic patterns influenced by Nigerian Afro Funk, Latin Cumbia & 60's / 70's German Kraut grooves.

Order CD / Vinyl exclusively on Darla:

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Holiday Matinee vol. 2 Compilation
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Holiday Matinee vol. 2 Compilation"
2001 compilation featuring tracks from: Wheat, No Knife, The Album Leaf, Cursive, Tiara, Bright Eyes, Tristeza, Sunday's Best, The Good Life, The Faint, Vue and more!  CLICK ON IMAGE FOR TRACKLISTING
BLR002 CD Add to Cart
On Sale
Holiday Matinee vol. 3 Compilation
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Holiday Matinee vol. 3 Compilation"
Third sampler in the series featuring 20 tracks by: The Gloria Record, Superdrag, Reubens Accomplice, The Jealous Sound, DNTEL, ILYA, The Drop Science, The And/Ors, Aberdeen, Maquiladora, The Casket Lottery and much more!   CLICK ON IMAGE FOR TRACKLISTING
On Sale
Songs For Cassavetes: An All Ages Film
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Songs For Cassavetes: An All Ages Film"
Soundtrack to the classic indie rock documentary featuring exclusive live and rare recorded tracks from Sleater-Kinney, The Make-Up, Unwound, Further, Crayon, Bratmobile, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Chisel and much more...includes interview excerpts from the movie.  Click image for tracklisting.
BLR007 CD Add to Cart

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