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Ritual Of Hearts [CD]
Ritual Of Hearts
The Secret
Ritual Of Hearts
Sweet After
I Am In Love
Sound Of Rain
Dream Of Snakes
Chinese Girl
10 Heartbroken
11 She's More Beautiful To Me Than Water
12 Static Hum




"The perfect soundtrack for trips into deep space, Maquiladora's latest record is folk music reared on NyQuil and too many viewings of Kubrick's 2001. These reclusive Californians do for country music what Radiohead did for Brit pop: dismantle the machine and rebuild it with alien parts. But for every washed-out guitar and analog synth, there is a warm piano or rural harmonica to bring you back to Earth. Pass the syrup." - Andrew Paine Bradbury - BLACK BOOK MAGAZINE
"Occupying a space between the desolate balladry of Cowboy Junkies' The Trinity Sessions and Giant Sand's backporch psychedelia, Maquiladora slow down America's musical heritage to a dirge. Just like how Codeine slowed down indie rock and punk to their base elements, Maquiladora play country ballads as if they were dusty Jimmy Rodgers tracks stretched out like taffy. Its as if they're inventing a new strain of Americana that has sucked out all the twang and replaced it with the expansion space of prog and psychadelia. While everyone else plies tired tales of whiskey and women, Maquiladora attempt to find new sonic and lyrical avenues for a music unwilling to shed its past." (4 of 5 stars) - ALTERNATIVE PRESS
"San Diego trio Maquiladora shares (Neil) Young's knack for infusing minimalist sketches with a cinematic, wide-open spaces vibe. Its third album Ritual of Hearts (Better Looking) has the same stark austerity that marked Young's Sleeps with Angels, it also contains Giant Sand's Chore of Enchantment brand of losing-control wooziness. This intersection of manic folk thrill and drunken psych- with piano, synth, melodica, mandolin and accordion darting like honeybees - proposes a craftsman's worldview that, likewise, is deeply passionate." - Fred Mills - MAGNET, July 2002
"Having previously been swept into a dreamlike state of narco-dependency with this trio's 1999 White Sands album, we're now left punch-drunk and staggering from its limited, U.K.-only 45 ["Ritual Of Hearts" single]. Imagine the dark Oedipus of "The End," the dappled beaches of Mazzy Star, the spangly stars of Jesus and Mary Chain and the neu-gospel of Black Heart Procession all rolled up into a serenity spliff. Single of the year, bar none." - review of "Ritual Of Hearts" 7-inch single. - MAGNET, Jan. 2002
Bruce McKenzie . member
Eric Nielsen . member
Phil Beaumont . member

Maquiladora got together in 1995 to record songs, moods, ideas, with no thought of gigging or anything more than private circulation of tapes among friends. but. things change. all the time, they change. in 1998 we released our first record "The Lost Works of Eunice Phelps". a second, "white sands", was released in 2000, as was an e.p. of six songs from the album, remixed by makoto kawabata of acid mothers temple and released in japan. we did a four week european tour in support of the album and a session for vpro radio in amsterdam. and this now, our new one, "ritual of hearts". Recorded at St. Cecelia's, a former funeral chapel, a children's museum and the band's living room studio, the songs capture a sense of intimacy that fills wide open spaces.

"what we do, it's, you know, desert music. and that can encompass a lot of things: psychadelia, folk, rock, a sense of space, heat, disorientation, escape, release, sky, solitude, peace. the influence of whatever band is perhaps less important than the descent into anza-borego from the cuyamacas. or a day spent in yuma. going up the back road into julian. a shack out by cima with a world-band radio playing old 78s of ethnographic field recordings. is this helpful?"