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Lion Destroyed The Whole World [CD]
Lion Destroyed The Whole World
Feet First
The One We Play
Green To Gold
Pretty Close To Nothing
Goodbye To The Dream
Something To Do
Amy, Tell Me Why
Cross Country
10 The End
11 Cities on Cities

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"There's an episode of "Pinky And The Brain" that's somewhat analogous to San Franciscan indie poppers Track Star. Pinky and Brain become characters on a children's show, endear themselves to the pint-sized viewers, then freeze themselves; the idea is to return decades later to reap the adulation of the grown rugrats, who may or may not be in positions of power and willing to do P&B's bidding. Now, Track Star hasn't been gone for decades-much less frozen-but five years is a hell of a chasm between records. Thankfully, Lion Destroyed The Whole World makes the wait worthwhile. Its 11 tunes range from sedate ditties to sublimely poppy rockers that whiz by in a brief yet blissful 30 minutes. The listener, were s/he powerful, might be moved to hand Track Star the key to the world. But it's safe to say TS is more content to rock the planet than to rule it."

- CMJ New Music Report Issue 765, June 3 2002
Brian Girgus . drums
Matthew Troy . guitar, bass, vocals
Wyatt Cusick . guitar, bass, vocals

Track Star summed up everything I cared about that was happening in indie-rock during the mid to late 90's. They were sincere, melodic, smart and practically exploding with manic energy. Everybody I played their now classic and collectible Silver Girl 10-inch vinyl "Sometimes What's the Difference?" fell for Track Star instantly (if they weren't Track Star cultists already). Track Star managed to be universally appealing without sounding like anybody other than Track Star and somehow they always felt like a band that belonged to you personally.

Things have been quiet from San Francisco's finest for a while now. Wyatt has been running around the world with his other band, The Aislers Set. Rumors have drifted about in the indie community leading to all sorts of wild speculation. The truth is Track Star is alive and well and better than ever. Sporting a new drummer (Brian Girgus from Lowercase), third guitarist and a bass (something they never used before) the boys sound like they've really been doing their homework; concentrating full-time on crafting the best pop songs they can possibly muster. The result is a more mature, wiser Track Star who woo you with their mastery of a medium they used to just play with. The result is, to put it quite simply, stunning.

My original copy of that first 10" hardly works any more, but fortunately I've got copies of it on several mix cassettes. My "Communication Breaks" (Die Young Stay Pretty / Subpop) CD was stolen and the vinyl sounds like it's getting a bit worn out as well. With new Track Star records in the works and the band back on the road I'm just going to make sure I get a few copies right off the bat when they come through and I suggest you do the same.