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I Blame the Scenery [CD]
I Blame the Scenery
Happy Mondays
We Are Not As Big As We Feel
Losing Sleep
Oh My God
Down Again
Looking Forward
We're Waking Up Kings
10 Mixing Memory With Desire
11 Borders
12 I Swear To Good You're God At This
13 The Things We Said
14 Whales Of The Desert

Look for a NEW Reubens Accomplice record to be released on Western Tread Records in Fall 2003!!

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Chris Corak . vocals, guitars
Jeff Bufano . vocals, guitars

Born amongst the heat induced culturally absent suburban sprawl that is North Phoenix, four native desert dwellers found themselves searching for something more. Their Twilight Zone likened atmosphere of desolate neighborhood streets, abandoned parks, and those gaseous waves that appear above the pavement all due to the extreme heat that sends most humans running for their beloved air conditioning was becoming unsavory. It was around this time that Jeff Bufano (guitar/vocals) Andy Eames (bass) Chris Corak (guitar,vocals) and Jim Knapp (drums) had the pleasure of meeting. All four shared a common love and appreciation of music although widely diverse in taste. Together they decided to start a band, later dubbed Reubens Accomplice.

Officially formed in the mid-1990's the boys began experimenting and learning how to write songs as a group. The band shared a simple mission that was to always progress and to allow their natural maturation occur without ever second guessing themselves or looking back. Throughout the years that followed the band often contemplated how the sixth largest city could go completely unnoticed and continuously overlooked by the giant puppeteers controlling the music industry. Years of playing to impress only themselves has often left them alone in the room with their toughest critic. In this time their dedication lead to an underdog mentality, a well oiled live set, and most importantly an irreplaceable fondness of the desolation and desperation that is the desert, a truly beautiful place to inspire music. Reubens Accomplice struggled through extensive self booked and promoted touring, released their own seven inches, appeared on several compilations, and has shared stages with just about every notable indie band of the last decade. A list of names that includes Brainiac, Jimmy Eat World, Karate, Pedro the Lion, and The Promise Ring to name a few.

While mediocrity seems to be accepted and even applauded in the world of music, Reubens Accomplice never wanted to be yet another band who released an uneven album that polluted record stores. The band was determined to make a record that could be excellent. After six years the band is finally ready to release their first full length "I Blame the Scenery". The album was recorded and mixed off and on over the course of a year due to the lack of funds required for completing the project. The initial tracking session was an amazing experience for the band. Finally seeing their long thought out ideas take shape and in the company of some of their hometown favorites. Some of the guests who appear on "I Blame the Scenery" include pedal steel paragon John Rauhouse of Calexico, Giant Sand, and Niko Case touring fame as well as Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World and the world renowned DJ Radar. The band is extremely confident and excited to run not walk through new doors that have recently been opened. The coming months will see Reubens Accomplice on the road in support of their long over due first album "I Blame the Scenery".