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There Are No New Clouds [CD]
There Are No New Clouds
This Side Of The Screen
Arthurs Car
Keep Writing
No Trace Of Fading
Random Noise Generator
I Promise Not To Notice If You Promise To Pretend
Computer World
10 Movie Ending

Sleeping Fractures (Expanded Edition) [CD]
Sleeping Fractures (Expanded Edition)
Past Midnight
Draw My Eyes
Dont Expect Too Much
The Seasons
Reinventing Dream
Way Out To Sea
...And Finally
Stars Are Nodding
10 On The Other Side Of Recognition
11 The Final Straight (7" Version)
12 No More Sound (7" Version)
13 Fighting Age / Guaranteed Escape

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"One of the most stunning debuts in recent memory, There Are No New Clouds from Sydney’s Ides Of Space is a lush, dense, beautiful slab of rock and roll." - Hydrid review
"I cannot recommend their live show highly enough -- these guys are doing it better than most." - Splendid E-zine review
"artful feedback, rising strum intensity, crashing waves of distorted guitar..." - Pop Matters review
"Over the course of the disc's 10 stunning tracks, the band artfully marry dense My Bloody Valentine-esque drones to a lush Down Under dreampop... (8 out of 10 rating!)" - Alternative Press (Jan 02 issue)
"Those of you who last year flipped your indie rock lid over the electronic tinged pop of Grandaddy's excellent Sophtware Slump LP will likely find an awful lot to like about Australia's Ides of Space. By all means keep an eye out for these folks." - Basement Life
"Surely this young Australian band is fibbing when they tell the public this is their first record. Guitars soar, boyish multi-part harmonies are effortlessly offered, and good old-fashioned hooks breeze through...this is a band with a very bright future ahead of it." - All Music Guide
"The songs creep up on you slowly and majestically…suggestions of Glide, Gersey and Swervedriver." - Revolver
"Ides of Space have proven that they're equally as fluent in the languages of headrush-noise pop as they are with negative space and restraint…conjures up memories of a Green Mind-era Dinosaur Jr or a Smile-era Ride." - Mono
"For a band that plays with the lush, dreamy precision of Ides of Space, it comes as something of a surprise to learn that beneath their gossamer surface there lurks a snarling rock beast...sort of..." - Rave Magazine
"The fact that this is a debut from Ides of Space is amazing..." - Oz Music Project
Anthony The . drums
Dave The . bass
Mark Ayoub . guitar
Martin Barker . keyboards
Patrick Haid . guitar/vox
Ides of Space came into existence somewhere around the turn of the millennium in Sydney, Australia. After a spluttering false start or two, the band released an EP, First Translated in 1965, on the now defunct Sydney label Quietly Suburban. The recording received rave reviews, solid airplay in Australia, and filtered overseas to several sympathetic ears. By 2001, Ides were recording their second domestic EP, We Have Nowhere to Be, the majority of which was coupled with the debut to form an album that was released in the U.S on Better Looking Records, Japan on Painted Sky Discs, and Sweden on Kasual Recordings.

This compilation of sorts, There Are No New Clouds, was again well received. Epitonic described the band's sound by asking its readers to imagine

perhaps, if The Go Betweens had formed not in the wake of the punk and New Wave explosion, but instead in the wake of early '90s U.K. shoegazer and U.S. lo-fi college rock, and you get darn close to the joy of Ides of Space.

Alternative Press heard "10 stunning tracks", the All Music Guide noted that the presence of "[soaring] Guitars, boyish multi-part harmonies [and] good old-fashioned hooks" and Pitchfork stated that

the way they play and write, it's hard to believe they've only been together for two years. The melodies are well developed and the playing is technically flawless, yet rough enough to sound real.

On the back of touring the U.S. tours with the likes of The Gloria Record, Her Space Holiday, Despericidoes, and The Special Goodness, and Australia with Trans Am, Preston School of Industry, Art of Fighting and Knievel, these recordings reached no. 3 on the Australian AIR charts and 28 on the CMJs.

The band then retreated with producer Wayne Connolly (Underground Lovers, Youth Group, The Vines) to record its follow-up LP, which saw the light of day through low-key releases in Australia, Japan and Sweden in 2004 but not the U.S.  Here the story gets a little hazy...various U.S. deals did not eventuate, lives got in the way of the band, and its activities began to contract. In 2005, Ides recorded 2 songs with Tim Whitten (Go-Betweens, Hoodoo Gurus) intended as a 7-inch single release. The masters of these recordings sat in songwriter Patrick Haid's desk draw until about 2 weeks ago.

But now Ides of Space's ‘lost recordings' Sleeping Fractures (and then some!) gets its long overdue release on Better Looking Records. The entire record, plus the insomniac's opus ‘fighting age/guaranteed escape' (previously only available on the Australian limited release EP We Have Nowhere...) plus the ominously titled pop-bliss nuggets ‘The Final Straight' and ‘No more Sound' (aka the desk-top draw recordings) will be available to those unwilling or unable to make Indiana Jones type expeditions for indie-rock.

Recently, members of Ides of Space have been active again in Line Drawings, who have a debut EP available through Bell Sounds. Check them out here (