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Leucadia [CD]
Roller Rink Skate Date
Lot 235
Slow Down
Last Good Growth
10 Pathos Delay
11 Breach
12 Norman
13 Last Stop On The Way To Vegas
14 Last On The Drive
15 Sunset Ridge
16 Thinner Runs Through Her
17 Cruel Heart



No Current Releases
Rich Sanderson . guitar
Terrin Durfey . vocals & bass
Tim Semple . drums

Leucadia is like no other place I've ever been. It has it's own rhythm, it's own method. It must be the confidence of the Pacific...Or maybe the embrace of the humidity, the warmth of the sun. For some, this chemistry exudes the dogged days of summer. And for some, intense production. For us, Leucadia fueled the prospects of an outlet. An outlet of autonomy, creativity and communication. An out let we would call "Boilermaker".

Leucadia is north of San Diego by thirty minutes. In the early 1990s, San Diego was a capitol helping rewrite the rules of underground music. As a band, we were on the fringe of an incredible breakthrough...Something very unexpected, never fitting into any local niche. We experimented with our own sounds, exploring without intent and without scene approval. We borrowed from a sea of influence, both musically and culturally. And within a few years, Boilermaker had released a handfull of singles, appeared on numerous compilations, featured in a few soundtracks and released three full length albums. We toured extensively, finding new inspiration in other's scenes...We felt alone in San Diego, but out in middle America, we found bands that were experimenting with the same sounds...An emotional, driving sound. Some would call it the foundations of modern "Emo", but to us it was what came naturally. It was an amazing time.

As the years went on, Boilermaker stood at a crossroad. Terrin Durfey battled cancer. Rich Sanderson finished school and started his own graphic design firm. And as for me, I married and moved to San Francisco. The years of hard work had burned us out. We were growing up and we were growing apart. Boilermaker played a limited amount of shows, gradually winding down, yet still remained as close as ever. Terrin moved to D.C. to play in the Farewell Bend. Rich began playing guitar with his love, Diana. And I started playing in the Electric Nazarene and the Lions of Judah. The years passed...

Amazingly, it was upon this hibernation, this hiatus, that inspiration reared it's muzzled head. In the latter part of 2000, Boilermaker gained total control of our, now obscure, full length albums. And with the motivation of Dave Brown (Holiday Matinee/Better Looking Records) we began discussing the prospects of re-releasing our work, and starting anew. No reunion, no hoopla, no bullshit...Just a simple rekindled desire. And it is after this long winter that Boilermaker reappears. Refreshed, revived and raring to go.

And it's this sense that makes me belive in music. That we, three friends, as close as family, can come together once again with the intent to create and further an exploration of the medium we love. To open a forum of expression, experimentation and communication, not to mention, have some good fun...And I have a warm feeling about that. A feeling like I'm back in Leucadia, soaking up that warm sun. Swimming in that Pacific and embracing that humid, salty air. Like I'm home once more. And if you knew Leucadia the way I know it, all of this would make perfect sense. Perfect sense.

Timothy Semple
San Francisco