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Music For Places [CD]
Music For Places
The Lake Part 1
Your Light Has Never Shone
Summer Tapes
The Lake Part 2
Lets Get Quiet
Leela, Our Time Is Running Out
History Between Us
Intro To Fading
10 Cant Help Fading Away

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"The "places" referred to in the title are the bed, the couch wrapped in a comforter, a pillow fort and a time machine to 1975 AM-radio-pop nirvana. (The time machine, of course, is filled with feathers).  Morning is also an appropriate time for these leisurely soft-rock recordings, some of which couldn't stand to be any softer, lest they disappear altogether. Chicago's Morning Recordings, the solo outing of Melochrome's Pramod Tummala, is a product of that town's post-rock effect on the singer/songwriter fare.  (Think Archer Prewitt and the Sea And Cake).  But Tummala's sound also collides with pre-disco Bee Gees, early-'70s Beach Boys, Ambrosia, and Christopher Cross.  For a '90s shot in the arm, Music For Places owes an unflinching bow to the missing-in-action Fred Cornog of East River Pipe.  Tummala has a honeyed drawl that's an ethereal instrument all its own.  The pace never picks up beyong a slow stagger, and when strings, horns and keyboards join with the standard guitar/bass/drums dynamic, Morning Recordings can give the heavily sedated Lambchop a run - or crawl - for its money." - Magnet
"Morning Recordings is the project of multi-instrumentalist Pramod Tummala, who along with a talented group of collaborators, conjures up a record full of delicate, lilting sounds on Music For Places. With sparse, gentle vocals melodies that evoke the ghost of Elliott Smith on top of intricate but subdued instrumental arrangements, Tummala succeeds in creating a record that is both relaxing and compelling, sort of like Iron and Wine but with organs and harmonium instead of acoustic guitars." (Andy Smith) -

Pramod Tummala : vocals, guitar, vibraphone, piano, harmonium
Mark Greenberg : vibraphone, organ, marimba
Deanna Varagona : baritone saxophone
Mike Weis : drums
Lindsay Anderson : vocals
Jon Hensley : bass
Dave Max Crawford : flugelhorn, trumpet
Fred Lonberg-Holm : cello
Thomas Stanley : drums
Barry Phipps : upright bass, baritone guitar

Featuring members of Melochrome, Lambchop, The Coctails & L'altra, Music For Places is an extremely laid-back collection of breezy songwriting where a foundation of guitars, basses, and drums are embellished with strings, vibes, horns, warm keys, and the occasional sonic manipulation.

Morning Recordings are the solo works of Pramod Tummala, who previously spent time as a founding member and principal songwriter of the Chicago-based band, Melochrome.  After releasing three albums in three years on Loose Thread Recordings, Melochrome decided to take an extended hiatus, affording Pramod the opportunity to approach his love of songwriting and sounds in a different light.
In 2003, Pramod began recording tracks at North Branch Studio (located off the north branch of the Chicago River) with Barry Phipps of The Coctails.  Sessions took place on and off over the course of a year, and while the original intent was to record an EP's worth of material, the loose schedule allowed for new songs to be written in and outside of the studio.  Along the way contributions were added from several Chicago-area musicians including Mark Greenberg (The Coctails), Deanna Varagona (Lambchop), Mike Weis (Zelienople), Lindsay Anderson (L'Altra), Jon Hensley (The Cricket Rumor Mill), Dave Max Crawford (Poi Dog Pondering, Archer Prewitt band), Fred Lonberg-Holm (Wilco, U.S. Maple, Superchunk), and Thomas Stanley (Melochrome).
The result is Music For Places, an extremely laid-back collection of breezy songwriting where a foundation of guitars, basses, and drums are embellished with strings, vibes, horns, warm keys, and the occasional sonic manipulation.  Stylistically, Music For Places is informed as much by film scores as it is by more traditional "band" influences, and as the title implies, themes of traveling, leaving, and staying run throughout.

Morning Recordings' live performances can range from Pramod playing solo to being accompanied by up to a 7-piece band.  Music For Places will be released through Better Looking Records and Loose Thread in January 2005.