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Will Self-Destruct [CD/LP]
Will Self-Destruct
Candy Takes The Cake
As We Play The Tape Tricks Us
Terror Eyes
At The Saturn Bar
The Black Diamond Prince
Screams Nicole
Regarding Mr. Right
10 neo-Disney hype-trip
11 Loft Life
12 Masterblaster
13 The Slider
14 Rockets

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On its debut album, the band draws from the propulsive lurch of Superchunk and the guitar squalls of Dinosaur Jr... The confluence of styles makes Will Self Destruct sound like the product of an early '90s supergroup that never was. One able to nimbly capture that ephemeral moment when small things were just starting to dream big. - SPIN.COM is inventive, exhilarating, and entirely enthralling, and it promises much. - All Music Guide
...the best thing about the And/Ors' sound is that it marries Robert Pollard-esque melodic and lyrical sensibilities with the noise and intensity of fuzzed-out rock. - Pop Matters
The And/Ors specialize in mood swings and writing like the Pixies, My Bloody Valentine and God Speed You Black Emperor. -
...the lo-fi pop musings of Guided By Voices, Chris Bell, Alex Chilton, and Pavement are well served by this lively quartet... - Amplifier
Arabella Harrison . bass & vocals
Chris Wassell . drums
Daniel Black . vocals & guitar
Lane Miller . guitar

Through the many incarnations of the and/ors, it has finally come to a point where they can be put under the microscope. The central force of the project is songwriter/firestarter Daniel Black. Formerly of the Interstate Ten, Black's vision reorganized itself initially with the help of his four-track recorder and a rotating array of musician friends. He blazed his way through the songwriting process and spanked out a dozen dirty, garage-pop gems. Firey melodies and hooks like thorns on a rose bush were the agenda. From that first inception, there were several more phases of the and/ors. But always Black's vision persevering.

Then a side project between Black and guitarist Lane Miller, formerly of Thee Psychic Hearts and now Corrugated, blossomed into a natural rebirth of the band with Chris Wassel, former Crash Worship member, on drums. This time around, not only was there fire, but with the addition of Miller's signature style, it was smoking. Original songs had the guts kicked back into them and newer songs burned with intensity and creative spark. Reminiscent of early Television, Big Star, Guided By Voices and Replacements, the and/ors were warming the blood of rock-n-roll. Black's vocals seared through space, at once tearing at you and piecing you back together. Wassel's drumming could only be described as non-stop. Nobody has heard this kind of playing before. However they were still a three piece, and although the two guitarists and drummer were excited about their sound, they felt it wasn't quite complete.

Enter Arabella Harrison, just fresh from quitting the emo kids favorite band, Jejune. Her steady, rumbling bass and high-pitched harmonies were the last piece of the puzzle to fit. They headed into the studio and recorded a long playing LP, entitled "will self destruct."

This record will reaffirm your faith in good songwriting, talented musicianship, and gosh darn it, rock and/or roll! The and/ors don't wanna waste your time. With a few songs clocking in under a minute, they get right to the point. It's about rock. It's about playing what you love and loving what you play. It's about being a fuckin' amazing band...thank you Cleveland!

Araby now plays as:  Arabella Harrison :

Danny now plays as: The September Gurls :