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8 Teeth To Eat You - split CD [CD]
8 Teeth To Eat You - split CD
[Cursive] Excerpts From Various Notes Strewn Around The Bedroom Of April Connolly Feb 24, 1997
[Cursive] Am I Not Yours?
[Cursive] Escape Artist
[Cursive] May Flowers
[Eastern Youth] Bura Bura Bushi
[Eastern Youth] Muyohnosuke
[Eastern Youth] Nisokuhokohkouta
[Eastern Youth] Itsudemo Kokoniiru



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"Two of indie rock's loudest, most driven bands, Omaha's Cursive teams up with Japan's Eastern Youth to deliver a relentless assault of rock for you to bite into."

- In Music We Trust
"This had to be a good one. A split between two of the finest in latter-day emocore caught in their prime over the course of four tracks each. Omaha's Cursive and Tokyo-based Eastern Youth have both been at it for quite some time now -- Eastern Youth since the late 1980s -- and both are considered to be among the finest exponents of the more complex, punky side of emo." - Ink19

8 Teeth To Eat You unites Japan's Eastern Youth and Omaha's Cursive on an eight song explosion of two super-charged masters in the post-core arena.

Eastern Youth may be new to some US audiences, but not at all to those in Asia. Beginning in 1989 with vocalist/guitarist Hisashi Yoshino, drummer Atsuya Tamori and Mitsuhashi on bass, Eastern Youth started playing during what the Japanese media called the "band boom" and the three quickly became Sapporo's "old school punk" band. In the early 90's Yoshino and Tamori moved to Tokyo where they met Tomokazu Ninomiya who took over on bass and twisted the once annihilistic thrash of Eastern Youth into a more cohesive sound. Since its inception in '89, Eastern Youth have seen the release of over seven EPs and full-lengths in Japan, toured the US with At The Drive-In in 2000 and were featured in CMJ Monthly's Japancore story in April 2001. Yoshino's lyrics are written and sung entirely in Japanese. It is on the strength and conviction that his expressive screams and murmurs ring clear negating cause for translation. Melding Eastern culture with Western musical influences, few bands can relay such a passionate sense of culture as can the three Eastern Youth.

No stranger to the indie post-core throne is Omaha's Cursive. Since their start in 1995, Cursive have released three full-length albums, one EP, and many 7''s. They have toured extensively in the US and abroad, building a strong following for the band. It was their mixture of tight rhythms, complex guitar, and Tim Kasher's seemingly personal lyricism on the June 2000 release, Cursive's Domestica (Saddle Creek), that landed Cursive much-deserved critical accolades. Saddle Creek released the Burst and Bloom EP in July 2001 and with its success Cursive was firmly cemented as royalty in indie/punk circles. Burst and Bloom also marked the introduction of cellist Gretta Cohn, completing their lineup and intensifying their sound. Cursive recorded their half of 8 Teeth To Eat You over a few days at Presto Studio with Mike Mogis (recording home to stablemates The Faint, Bright Eyes, and Desaparecidos). With these new songs, Cursive continues to push the boundaries of the indie/punk front with their aggressive style, unique sound and Tim Kasher's intensely powerful and driven vocals.

Two different cultures. Two different bands. Eastern and Western sound complementing each other perfectly on one split release.